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PQK Reversible Hammer Crusher

PQK Reversible Hammer Crusher

Brief introduction

PQK reversible hammer crusher crushed by the collisions between high-speed hammer and materials, and the features are in its simple structure. High reduction ration, high efficiency, etc. PQK reversible hammer crusher were developed for both dry and wet crushing of brittle, medium-hard materials for mining, cement, coal, metallurgic, construction material, road building, and petroleum and chemical industries.

Principle of operation

The main parts of efficient compound crusher is rollers with hammer, the rollers consists of main shaft, sphere plate, axis roll and hammer. Motor drives roller in high speed running inner the crushing champ, the materials is send from top into the crusher, by the striking, impacting, shearing and grinding into power. At the roller bottom is a screen plate, it is used to collecting the materials whose size bellow the size of the screen plate, those size is bigger than the screen gap will be regrind by the hammer, finally discharged from the discharging opening.
Performance features

1. This is no sieve, which solves the problem of blocking caused by high temperature of materials;
2. The rotor can turn in the front and back, so that the hammer head and crushing board receive same abrasion;
3. The gap of discharge port is adjustable, so the granularity is even, the production is high and the energy consumption is low.
4. The crushing chamber is easy to open, so the wearing parts can be changed easily. Besides, the large machine adopts the hydraulic cylinder.

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